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This site is the result of long hours spent configuring the Debian Buster hosting this HTTP server. The goal was to set up a Zope framework behind an Apache server. Big thanks to developers who provide kernels supporting the latest technologies. Debian is my favorite distribution though I do not directly participate in its development. The objective of this project born in 1993 is to promote free software and the Free Software Foundation ideals. Through this community, we are sure to have always a high quality free operating system.

Fabien Dournac, Study Engineer

Welcome to my site, it consists of the following pages :
  • Astronomy : here are discussed matters relating to Astronomy. This field is so large that this part will be in constant progress.
  • Sciences : some Mathematics and Physics courses with also curriculum reports.
  • Philosophy : a few classical topics.
  • Coding : one of my main activities, I use the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. I will present my different projects, some tips to install a Debian on a PC, and my current setup.

Please feel free to contact me :

ps : join like me the Cosmology@Home project whose aim is to refine the model that best describes our Universe

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